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The Chai - The place of all mysteries

The winery is the nerve center, at the crossroads of all activities and the convergence point for all our collaborators. Built in 1931, the winery of La Cave Coopérative des Vignerons de Mont-Près-Chambord is first of all impressive.

Through its architecture, its intersecting floors, bbetween the integrated concrete tank structures and the modifications made since... its character imposes itself on us. A form of respect seizes visitors, while an aura of mystery emanates from these chiaroscuro volumes, whose many nooks intrigue.

Part of the cellar of La Cave Coopérative des Vignerons de Mont-Près-Chambord

This cellar is the storage room for the wine . It is a sanctuary in which the harmony that will be embodied in a wine is organized.

As soon as the grape clusters are harvested by hand (for AOC COUR-CHEVERNY) or mechanically, they are brought to the winery to be pressed and transformed into must. This must is then transferred to fermentation tanks where natural or selected yeasts act to turn the sugar into alcohol.

the cellar - La Cave Coopérative des Vignerons de Mont-Près-Chambord
Stainless steel vats or oak barrels proudly intersect, housing the wines during aging. It is in these barrels, constantly observed, listened to and analyzed, that they acquire, over time, their aromatic complexity and their distinctive character over time. In this place imbued with tradition and know-how, the cellar master and his collaborators watch over the wine, carefully monitoring each step so that the magic finally happens and creates our renowned wines.

Beyond transforming grapes into wine, the winery is also the theater of tasting , where the member winegrowers of La Cave Coopérative des Vignerons de Mont-Près-Chambord share with passion their love for their craft, tasting and following the fruit of their vineyard work .

Discussions, sometimes animated, reflecting respect and love for this profession, regularly take place between member winegrowers. But our winery also hosts all moments of sharing and joy, he surprises of results exceeding expectations in certain years...

It is because this living place is maintained like a sanctuary that our visitors can, during the tasting of our wines, feel the history that each glass delivers, revealing the terro

Cellar - The Winegrowers Cooperative of Mont-Près-Chambord

The creations of new wines, the balance of grape varieties, the vintages and the choice of blends also enliven the atmosphere, while the intoxicating aromas of aging wines fill the air.

The cellar of La Cave Coopérative des Vignerons de Mont-Près-Chambord is, even more than many others, a place for the transmission of knowledge , within which generations cross paths, help each other and succeed each other to perpetuate a thousand-year-old, innovative tradition constantly to respond to contemporary challenges.

Thus, the cellar is much more than a simple infrastructure, it is the beating heart of the art of winemaking, in which time, which seems suspended, permeates every drop of wine.

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