The Cave Coopérative de Mont-Près-Chambord: a living space open to multiple activities

Defining our Cooperative Cellar in a few words is not easy.

This space for welcoming, meeting and sharing, completely renovated in 2016, is the central living space where all our activities converge. It is this historic site, designed and built in 1931 by our predecessors, that unites us in this adventure.

For our teams, it's the place where we work together. For the cellar master and wine merchants, this is where our wines are imagined, developed, and grown. For our employees and partners, it's the place where we work and share. For our winemakers, it's the regular friendly meeting point where everything is decided. This is the place of which we are the humble heirs and guarantors.

It is this culture of sharing, the dynamism of our team, and these traditions that we invite you to glimpse and discover during your visits. With this in mind, we've decided to open our cooperative, organizing a wide range of activities and welcoming your guests, allowing you to experience the passion that drives us!